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お知らせ 2018.10.23 Closed Beta Test Details

The Revolve8 Closed Beta Test will be divided into two sessions.
In addition, League Matches (PvP) will be limited to two time periods a day (03:00 to 05:00, 11:00 to 14:00 [UTC]) in order to concentrate matchmaking.
Member Matches between members of the same Guild can still be held outside of these time periods.
Session 1)
From Oct 23, 2018 until maintenance begins on Oct 29, 2018
To test the initial play experience.
In anticipation of the official launch, a part of the game's content will be made accessible to participants. Experience thrilling, real-time duels against other players or enjoy the quests involving our funky Heroes.
Session 2)
From the end of maintenance on Oct 29, 2018 to the end of the Closed Beta Test on Nov 2, 2018.
To evaluate game balance.
In order to evaluate game balance, all cards will be unlocked and set to maximum level for all players.
Explore the strengths of each Hero and use them in a variety of decks!
Note: The cards will only be unlocked and set to maximum level after clearing the tutorial.
Also, in order to confirm the behavior of Books, the following updates are planned:
  3,000 Jewels for each player every day
  Addition of the "Tester Pack" in the Shop
We will address card balance based on the feedback and data we gather in order to improve the overall experience for the official launch.
Some of the in-game content has been locked or altered for the Closed Beta Test.
  League Matches will be limited to two time periods a day (03:00 to 05:00, 11:00 to 14:00 [UTC]).
  The above time periods may be adjusted to aid matchmaking.
  League 5 is set as the highest League, and only Cards up to League 5 will be available for testing.
  Quests will be limited to Chapter 1 of the Main Quest and League 1 Heroes for Hero Quests.
  When reaching a new League, the N/R/SR cards unlocked in that League will be distributed as mission rewards.