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お知らせ 2018.11.02 Closed Beta Test Finished

The Revolve8 Closed Beta Test has finished as of Nov 2, 2018, 14:00 (UTC).
We would like to thank all players for their participation and cooperation.
In order to further improve the game for its official launch, please launch the app one more time and give us your feedback by answering the questionnaire from the in-game link!
The development team will give their utmost effort into making Revolve8 an even better experience for its release.
We look forward to seeing you again.
Note) Data created during the Closed Beta Test cannot be used for the official release.
Please delete the app from your device after the Closed Beta Test has finished and you have answered the questionnaire.
For Android users, use the instructions below to remove yourself as tester.
The app may not install correctly on release if this is not done.
Tester removal)
Tap on "Leave the program" from the link below: