Pre-registration Campaign

10000players registered! KINTARO

30000players registered! 1,000Gold

88888players registered! KAREN

100000players registered! ALADDIN

120000players registered! SINBAD

150000players registered! RING GENIE

180000players registered! URASHIMATARO

200000players registered! CINDERELLA

220000players registered! LITTLE MATCH GIRL

250000players registered! BEAR

270000players registered! FAIRY GODMOTHER

300000players registered! OTOHIME

320000players registered! WICKEDQUEEN

400000players registered! SLEEPING BEAUTY

700000players registered!


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Step2:Use the icon below and enter your email address to pre-register and participate in this fabulous giveaway!

pre-regist E-MAIL

After being directed to Revolve8 on Google Play, tap on "PRE-REGISTER

Google Play

  • Pre-registration is complete when the application is complete.
  • The number of pre-registrations is the total number of pre-registrations from all official Revolve8 pre-registration campaign websites and external pre-registration websites.
  • Customers using external pre-registration websites are contacted according to the rules set by the particular medium.
  • Pre-registration rewards can only be obtained if the app is installed within 180 days after release.
  • A portion of the pre-registration rewards can only be obtained after progressing through the game and reaching the designated League.
  • Inquiries about Revolve8, its official release date, or special content related to it will not be answered.